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Jewels Genesis


Jewels Genesis is HIP-HOP in it's Purest form. Inspired by the likes of Tupac Shakur, Rakim, Paris, and other conscious/militant minded emcees I address real issues effecting my listeners. Issues like Government corruption, Income inequality, police brutality, social justice issues, poverty, violence etc. etc... My music is the escape from the mindless nonsense flooding our airwaves while maintaining that aggressive street style I was raised with. I hope you enjoy my contribution to HIP-HOP!! #Salute

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See Jewels Genesis in the short film 'Wanksta', Produced and Directed by Luminary Figures Group!!

Music Videos:

Jewels Genesis Hollywood Hollywood Street Promo

Hollywood, Hollywood (Official Music Video) by Jewels Genesis

Welcome to Web Commercial

'No Justice: Black Lives Matter' by Jewels Genesis (Official Music Video)

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